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  • Days Of Remembrance

    Memorial Days Lesson Plans –
    a project with aim to contribute educational content to the memorial days commemorations

New tools and methodologies for the Holocaust education in Serbia and the region

The expert team is developing new educational tool based on 5 sets of “Memorial Day Lesson Plans” specifically produced for five particular memorial days in Serbia. The “Memorial Days Lesson Plans” will consist of guides for teachers and librarians, manuals for workshops and additional materials for students of ages 12-14 and 15-16. All these resources will be available online in downloadable and printable formats. This cooperation between the Anne Frank House, National Library of Serbia, Terraforming, and other Serbian experts, will bring a new pedagogical format for libraries to contribute to the Holocaust education, giving the original pedagogical content to the memorial day commemorations. Using the Holocaust as a starting point, this teaching method will also deal with issues such as tolerance, democracy and human rights.

Seminar at The National Library Of Serbia December 16th 2015
– Final presentation of the project “Days Of Remembrance”

Final results of the project “Days of Remembrance” were presented at the international seminar at the National Library of Serbia in  Belgrade, December 16th. Among speakers there were director of the International department of the Anne Frank House Amsterdam Mr. Jan-Erik Dubbelman, director of the Archives of the Austrian Resistance from Vienna, historian Dr. Gerhard Baumgartner, expert in use of new-media with experience from the Shoa Memorial Paris Mr. Jeremy Wyler, director of the Terraforming network Mr. Miško Stanišić, teachers and librarians from Jagodina, Zrenjanin and Subotica, and others.

In addition to participants from Serbia, the seminar participants will be guests from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, France, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Read more, download the program, see the map and photos from the seminar.

Seminar NLS Belgrade

Contributions by international experts:

Prof. dr John Neubauer

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Jeremy Wyler

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January 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 22 – The National Holocaust, WWII Genocide and other Fascist Crimes Victims` Remembrance Day

October 21 – National Remembrance Day of the Serbian victims of the Second World War

November 9 – International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism

December 16 – National Remembrance Day of the Roma Genocide in World War II


The Project

The project “Dani sećanja” is developed through cooperation between partners from Serbia, The Netherlands and Sweden. The main activities are scheduled to take place during 2014-2015.

Expert team

Sanja Petrović Todosijević, historian

Researcher and author at the Institute for Recent History in Belgrade;

Milovan Pisarri, Ph.D. historian

Researcher and author, with focus on the Holocaust in Serbia, and the genocide of the Roma during the WWII,
Author of the book “The Suffering of the Roma in Serbia during the Holocaust“, one of the most important substantial studies devoted to genocide against the Roma,
Co-founder of the Center for Research and Holocaust Education in Belgrade;

Monja Milinković Jović, literature expert

Editor at Eduka Publishing House – a publishing house specialised in production and publishing of teaching materials and educational publications,
Author and co-author of several textbooks for students of elementary schools;

Aleksandar Todosijević, historian

History teacher at the primary school “Branko Radičević” in Batajnica,
Author of a History textbook and the exercise book for the fifth grade students of elementary schools,
Author and editor in chief of a history-teaching website “The History Classroom” (Učionica istorije) for primary school students; 

Aleksandar Nećak, expert advisor

Well known Jewish activist, author and speaker, with more than 40 years of experience, tireless work and achievements for the Jugoslav and Serbian Jewish communities,
Member of the steering committee at the Museum of Genocide Victims in Belgrade;

Nevena Bajalica, expert advisor

Researcher and writer with long experience in government, media, educational and cultural projects in EU, The Netherlands, Southeast and East Europe, with focus on Human Rights, Holocaust and genocide,
Regional expert for Serbia at the International Department of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam,
Member of Serbian delegation to the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance);

Miško Stanišić, pedagogue and new media expert

Educational concept and teaching tools developer with focus on Holocaust education and use of new media in combating anti-semitism, anti-romanyism, discrimination and hate-speech,
Co-founder of the Terraforming network,
Member of the steering board at the Swedish Center Against Racism;

First seminar of the project: “Holocaust, Literature and Education” in the National Library of Serbia

The first seminar for librarians, teachers, decision makers, representatives of the local Jewish and Roma communities, and other stakeholders took place at the National Library of Serbia April 29 2014 . Among speakers there were Karen Polak and Nevena Bajalica from the Anne Frank House Amsterdam, prof dr John Neubauer, Emeritus Professor University of Amsterdam, a Dutch movie-archives researcher Gerard Nijssen, and Miško Stanišić of Terraforming.

You can download the program (in English) and find more information about the seminar (in Serbian) on the page Seminar


The exhibition “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” – an inspiration for Serbian teaching materials

The exhibition “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” and the educational methodologies around it was presented at the National Library of Serbia at the event on 29 April 2014. The exhibition is now on a tour around Serbia.

The exhibition “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” and the educational methodologies around it, served as a starting point and inspiration for the expert group in creating the Serbian educational materials for the memorial days.

More information about experiences with the “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” in Serbia is presented here. More information about the Serbian adaptation of the “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” is available in Serbian here:  Čitamo i pišemo sa Anom Frank.

Čitamo i pišemo sa Anom Frank