Reading and Writing with Anne Frank in Serbia

Reading and Writing with Anne Frank is an exhibition created by The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It was presented and used in libraries and schools in the Netherlands, and several other countries (it is translated, among other languages, to English, Russian, Hungarian, Georgian, and Papuamentu – a language spoken on the Caribbean islands of Aruba and Curaçao). As a part of the Memorial Days Lesson Plans project, the exhibition and lesson materials were translated to Serbian language and adapted for use in schools and libraries in Serbia. This work has been done by Terraforming. Read more about the exhibition, teaching materials and its methodologies on The Anne Frank House’s website.

The goal of the exhibition is to present Anne Frank, a teenage girl who in difficult moments managed to express herself through writing, to students of primary and secondary schools. While motivating students to read and write more, the exhibition and the included workshop is in the same time an introduction to the basic concepts of the Holocaust education. Also, the exhibition aims to engage Serbian teachers and librarians to implement the teaching about the Holocaust in schools and libraries around Serbia.

From the beginning of the implementation in Serbia the assistance was provided by several volunteers, students of the Department of the Dutch language at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, who helped the organization. The exhibition is successfully booked for the entire year 2015 throughout Serbia.

Anne Frank in Serbia

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